The Marvelous Patric Show #8 – Discombobulated

patric/ March 28, 2018/ Podcast

This episode, Patric and Matt finally talk about GUNS!  Also Mario Kart, love, and hate.  It’s a rollercoaster!  Follow Patric on social media @marvelouspatric for more, and pledge at Patreon to get the next episode early.

The Marvelous Patric Show #6 – Triumvirate

patric/ February 16, 2018/ Podcast

In the sixth episode of the Marvelous Patric show, we have a third host named Eric join us.  Patric, Matt, and Eric talk about hubris (it finally made the cut!), Steve Bannon, and finally New Years resolutions and diet fads!  It’s the first episode recorded in 2018!

The Marvelous Patric Show #5 – Stranger Blings

patric/ January 31, 2018/ Podcast

In this episode, we cover a lot of ground!  Sure, it’s from 2017, but it’s still a good conversation.  There’s Flynn’s guilty plea, Stranger Things Season 2, The Avengers Infinity War trailer, and Back From The Dead: Female Musicians.  Lots of fun in podcast form!  Please rate and review us and check out for more!

The Marvelous Patric Show #4 – We All Knew

patric/ December 14, 2017/ Podcast

In this episode, we talk about children’s books,  the “sexual misconduct” (or worse) that’s been in the news, both mainstream and geek, the fake news sting, and the big one, Disney buying Fox.  Frankly, this one is pretty good.  Subscribe and rate us please!

The Marvelous Patric Show #2: Everything Goes Wrong

patric/ November 29, 2017/ Podcast

Things were going well until they weren’t . It was a great episode, but the last part failed to record.  I assure you, it was the funniest and most knowledgeable thing ever spoken and it is a shame it has been lost.  We tried to talk about how we would recast the classic movie “Clue”, the new Futurama episode, Senator

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The Marvelous Patric Show Episode 1

patric/ November 8, 2017/ Podcast

In the first episode, Patric and Matt talk about The Last Jedi, Cashless Societies, Weird Al’s new tour, and the Good Place Season 1.  It’s all weird and fun!